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4 Dropbox-connected apps to help you blog smarter


Published on April 21, 2015

A lot of work goes into your company’s blog. From brainstorming topics to sourcing images to actually writing the posts, there’s more than enough to stay busy. That makes finding the right tools to stay on top of it all a priority. Here are four apps suited to the task, working with your Dropbox to help you put together a polished blog that brings you closer to your customers. Wix (Web) Creating a blog might sound like a good idea, but actually building one can be a headache. Wix is here to save you, letting you create and host a customized website from hundreds of easy-to-use templates. Plus, you can easily add a Dropbox folder — like one storing product brochures or order forms — to your site that automatically updates any time you add or remove files. Creative Market (Web) The right image is a cornerstone of a good blog post. Creative Market helps you find the visuals you need with thousands of graphics, fonts, and photos from independent creators. Connect your Dropbox in just a few clicks, and from then on everything you download from Creative Market will be automatically saved to your Dropbox. TextExpander (Mac, iOS) Ever find yourself typing the same phrases over and over in your posts — maybe a description of your company or an email address? TextExpander gives your wrists much-needed relief. Create snippets of commonly used blocks of text, and TextExpander will insert them any time you type a shortcut. You can even sync your snippets across the Mac and iOS versions of TextExpander through your Dropbox account. ManageWP (Web) If you’re using the ever-popular WordPress to create your blog, ManageWP is the tool that helps you get control. Use ManageWP to update your WordPress installation, plugins, and themes, and most importantly, back up your blog. Backups can be saved to your Dropbox, keeping all your hard work safe and sound. If you’re in charge of blogging you probably need all the help you can get — we know we do. But you don’t have to go it alone. With these Dropbox-connected apps, you’ll keep pace with the breakneck pace of your company’s blog. For more apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business, check out our apps page!