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>SUM(parts): 4 Dropbox-connected apps to do more with spreadsheets


Published on June 17, 2015

When the spreadsheet jumped from ledgers to computer screens some 35 years ago, a whole world of possibilities opened up. Today, spreadsheets are more than just number crunchers — they’re super-flexible tools you can use to pull all kinds of information together quickly and easily. Here are four apps that work with your Dropbox to do the things those old accounting ledgers could only dream of. Smartsheet (iOS, Android, Web) It’s not uncommon to see teams using spreadsheets to track jobs, manage tasks, or handle scheduling. Smartsheet takes the familiar spreadsheet look and feel, and powers it up with project management-friendly features. You can easily attach any file in your Dropbox to projects and tasks in Smartsheet to collaborate, manage feedback, and keep work up to date. iDoceo (iPad) Spreadsheets are great for cleanly organizing information, so it’s no wonder they’ve become the teacher’s pet. iDoceo takes that to heart, bundling a spreadsheet-like grade book with other handy tools into an all-in-one teaching assistant. Set up Dropbox for backup, and you can archive iDoceo data for an emergency rollback. DataHero (Web) Spreadsheets are great, but they tend to look a little… bland. DataHero makes visualizing your data a cinch. Just drag and drop info from your spreadsheet, and DataHero will create sleek charts and insight-rich dashboards. Connect Dropbox, and you can create charts from any spreadsheet you or your team is working on — and easily update them with just a few clicks. Microsoft Excel (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web) If you need to crunch some numbers, Excel has long been the gold standard for spreadsheet apps. Dropbox connects with Excel to work on your files from anywhere. From desktop productivity with the Dropbox badge, to on-the-go work with the Excel mobile app, to any web browser with Office Online, you can bring your spreadsheets along for the ride. Spreadsheets have come a long way, and with apps like these working side-by-side with your Dropbox, you’re sure to take them even further. For more apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business, check out our apps page !