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Dropbox Business and Office 365 work better together


Published on June 21, 2016

It’s easier to get work done when you’re using the tools you love. At Dropbox, that’s been the driving force behind our partnership with Microsoft from the start. Recently, we've turned our focus to helping our users unlock greater value from their Office 365 deployments. The result? Integrations and features that help make teams more collaborative, productive, and secure.

Seamless collaboration

Working together in real time can be a real challenge, as teams struggle to juggle email attachments and multiple, conflicting versions of files. We’ve developed features and integrations with Microsoft Office to bring the magic of Dropbox to your desktop and browser. With co-authoring, you can open any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in a shared Dropbox folder directly into Office Online, and simultaneously edit alongside your colleagues. The Dropbox badge extends these collaboration capabilities to the desktop apps, showing you who else is viewing your Office file and notifying you when changes are made. That means faster turnarounds, fewer check-in meetings, and simpler workflows. So whether you’re sharing with partners, suppliers, customers, or contractors, you’ll spend less time coordinating and more time collaborating.

Anytime, anywhere productivity

These days, work can’t wait until you’re back at your desk. And that’s why we’ve developed two-way app integrations on iOS and Android devices. With our integrations, you can open, edit, and save your Office files across the Dropbox and Microsoft Office apps while you’re on the go. Over 17 million users have taken advantage of these seamless mobile integrations to work with their Office files any time, on any device. And with best-in-class sync from Dropbox, you can rest assured that edits and changes to a document will be reflected across stakeholders and devices, so your team always has the latest version on hand.

True visibility

But collaborating with colleagues doesn’t have to come at odds with IT and security. Comprehensive audit logs give IT a crystal-clear view of Dropbox sharing activity, password changes, device logins, and more. Office 365 gives IT a robust set of search and discovery tools for proactive oversight. And thanks to features like remote wipe and account transfer, you can be sure your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. There’s still more to come from our partnership with Microsoft. To hear more about Dropbox and Office 365, be sure to register for our webinar on June 30th where Chris Pesola of Plex Systems will share how Dropbox Business and Office 365 work better together for his team.