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Tip of the week: Use Dropbox on mobile for anytime, anywhere productivity


Published on November 07, 2014

You’ve probably already used the Dropbox website and the Windows or Mac desktop app to share folders, upload files, and keep your work organized. But what about those times when you’re running around with only your smartphone or tablet, and need to review or share something right away? The Dropbox mobile app has you covered, so you can get work done in nearly any situation. Our mobile app (available for iOS and Android, and coming soon for Windows phones and tablets) lets you preview, open, and share files. Previewing a file is perfect for when you need to reference it during a meeting, or take a quick glance at something to give it your seal of approval. But if you need to do more — like present a PowerPoint slide deck —  it’s possible to open files in other apps. Just find it in your Dropbox, and select your desired third-party app. You can also share links to any file from the Dropbox mobile app by copying and pasting it into an email, text, or any application. And just as we do with the desktop app, we've got your back with offline access for mobile. If you know you’ll need an important file during a meeting but won’t be able to rely on the wireless connection when you get there, just mark it as a Favorite. Dropbox will download the file onto your device so you can then present from your tablet, even if the data coverage is spotty. And to ensure you’re always making the best use of your mobile device’s limited space, only the files you mark as favorites will get downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. Get started with the mobile app today, and see how much more productive you become.