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Life in the cloud: 5 Dropbox integrations that simplify your workflow


Published on July 18, 2017

Employees are busier than ever—but working longer hours isn’t always enough. That’s why organizations rely on a digital toolbox of apps and services that help everyone do their best work. These best-of-breed apps empower teams to work better together and evolve beyond a traditional work environment. Collectively, we’ve shifted toward a better way to work. The cloud has done a lot for productivity, but it can still do much more. When employees connect to the cloud using apps they know and love, they can make the best use of their time. This not only makes projects easy to access, it creates efficiencies across the organization by automating time-consuming tasks. Here are five ways Dropbox integrations improve daily workflows:

1. Sharing files with team members

Working together is more efficient when your team’s files are all in one place. With the Slack and Dropbox integration, teams can discuss projects, send and receive files, give and receive feedback, and continue to track toward their goals—all from a single Slack channel. Pro tip: Wondering where imported Dropbox files live? They’re searchable and shareable in Slack, but always stored in Dropbox.

2. Working across disparate teams

When employees can access project files in the apps they know, collaboration isn’t clunky or confusing. Using our Atlassian HipChat integration, employees can share Dropbox files to Rooms, quickly search for files, and easily access the latest versions from wherever they are—all without leaving the app. Pro tip: Have multiple Dropbox accounts? Connect them so you can easily switch between them in the HipChat app.

3. Automating standard business processes

Want to boost your team’s productivity? Turn standard business processes into automated, visual workflows that connect to the cloud. With easy access to files and start-to-finish visibility into projects, your employees will be able to get projects done faster and more efficiently. With Nintex’s pre-built connectors, you can integrate workflows with Dropbox and your other business applications. Pro tip: Want to connect your workflows without having to code? Nintex’s intuitive drag-and-drop design canvas lets you build workflows in the cloud in just a few clicks. No coding necessary.

4. Balancing devices and employee locations

With access to projects on mobile, desktop, employees can work in the ways that suit their preferences. With the joint Dropbox and Adobe Document Cloud solution, employees can access, edit, save, and sign PDF files stored in Dropbox, and spend more time doing what they do best—creating. Pro tip: Need to make edits on the go? Connect your Acrobat Reader mobile app with Dropbox to access your files from your iOS or Android devices.

5. Ensuring teams can access important documents

Collaboration, sharing, co-authoring, and commenting on critical files in real time is easy with the integration between Dropbox and Microsoft O365. Whatever the file type—Word, Excel, or PowerPoint—any member of your team can access a project’s assets on any device, at any time. Pro tip: Editing a file offline, on mobile? Save the most recent version of your Office 365 files in the Office app prior to going offline to ensure your edits are saved. By using apps to drive productivity and improve collaboration, you can save employees time, scale to a project’s demands, and keep everyone on the same page. Ready to watch workplace productivity soar with these Dropbox integrations? Download our eBook to learn more.