Unshare a Dropbox folder

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Tip of the week: How to unshare a folder


Published on May 15, 2015

We love it when teams collaborate using shared folders. They’re perfect for bringing people and files together in a shared workspace. We also realize, though, that there may be times when you’ll want to unshare a folder. So, today’s post is all about how to do exactly that. If you’re the owner of a shared folder, there are a couple of ways to stop sharing it. When a colleague transfers to another department or a contractor drops out of a project, for example, you can easily remove individual members. All you have to do is sign in to the Dropbox website, choose the Sharing tab from the sidebar on the left, and click Options next to the shared folder. Then click the X next to the member you want to remove. What if your whole team has completed a major project — or you’ve simply shared the wrong folder by mistake? No problem. Just click Unshare folder to stop sharing the entire folder. In both cases, removed members will no longer have access to the files in your shared folder. They won’t be able to recover these files — not even with our restore feature. You can, however, choose to let team members keep a copy of the folder and its files. Pro tip: If you go this route, be sure to let your coworkers know that the folder is no longer being shared. This means any further changes they make to the files won’t be synced to anyone else’s Dropbox. With just a couple of clicks, you can unshare any folder in your Dropbox — at any time. This way, you can help protect company information by staying in control of what you share. For more information on shared folders and how to manage them, check out the Dropbox for Business User Guide.