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How employees are gaining productivity with Dropbox for Business


Published on February 26, 2015

There are only so many hours in a day. Even after you’ve cleared meetings off your calendar and blocked out distractions, you’re still constrained by the rising and setting of the sun. When there's a ton of work to do, the way forward is to make the hours you do have as productive as possible. This productivity pursuit is one of the reasons many companies roll out Dropbox for Business. To find out more about its impact, we had IDC survey 1 several Dropbox for Business customers. They found the productivity benefits came in three forms:

  • Increased user efficiency and productivity. Workers need reliable access to up-to-date files, and this is one of the main areas where Dropbox for Business saves customers time. Instead of connecting to VPNs or searching through emails, employees using Dropbox for Business can quickly access team data from anywhere.
  • Business-specific productivity gains. Businesses with field and mobile workers saw higher employee utilization and revenue by using Dropbox for Business. Reliable file transfer allows their employees to work closer to customers, reduce time spent in the office, and manage entire projects from the field.
  • Increased revenue/improved revenue cycle times. Sales teams are some of the biggest beneficiaries of Dropbox for Business adoption. What do they get? A more productive sales team, improved sales processes, and easier deal closing.

This all adds up to a clear impact: an annual average of $261,200 per 100 Dropbox for Business users over five years in user productivity and revenue gains for the customers surveyed.

IDC productivity and revenues chart
IDC productivity and revenues chart
Want to learn more? Read the full study to see how Dropbox for Business makes for productive employees and healthy revenues. 1IDC White Paper sponsored by Dropbox, “The Business Value of Dropbox for Business,” Doc #252352, November 2014