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Effective collaboration: 3 tips for teaming up with The Hybrid


Published on October 06, 2017

Often found wearing many hats, the Hybrid fills the gaps necessary for a stellar campaign. Due to unfulfilled needs in their marketing chain, they often take on additional roles outside their preferred skill set and workflow. To better understand what the Hybrid needs to collaborate effectively, we reached out to marketing and design professionals across the US to identify their pain points, and learn ways to address them. In part six of our series on effective collaboration, we’ll share three tips for teaming up with the Hybrid.

1. Recognize common roadblocks

Whether you’re a Marketing Guru, Head of Marketing and Advertising, or Brand Lead, as a Hybrid, you’ll often encounter three common obstacles:

  • Switching between projects and responsibilities
  • Using disconnected technologies
  • Balancing multiple tasks

2. Integrate your productivity tools

A wide-ranging suite of productivity apps can either speed up or slow down your workflow—depending on how well they work together. Dropbox integrates with a multitude of apps, making it easy to keep using the tools you know and love. This helps minimize the time spent learning new tools and switching between them.

3. Create detailed task lists

To keep track of all your to-dos, make task lists that specify the action item and deadline. In Dropbox Paper, you can assign and tag specific people to help keep your team on the same page.

Recommendations for the Hybrid

  • Communicate what you need from your team on the marketing front so you can all achieve more together
  • Delegate some of your tasks when possible to achieve high-quality work. If there’s too much on your plate to handle, the campaign may suffer.

Recommendations for your teammates

  • Break down walls of communication with weekly sync meetings to share updates and ask questions
  • Other teams—like sales, product, and customer support—should keep the Hybrid looped into important conversations about the brand. Those discussions can go a long way in informing the marketing strategy.

Connecting the right people with the right tools and processes can make or break a campaign. To learn how Dropbox can help keep your team in sync and bring their best ideas to life, download our free eBook, Team up for marketing success.