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Tip of the week: Combine Dropbox with Microsoft Office for better mobile productivity


Published on December 12, 2014

Given that more than 35 billion Office files are stored on Dropbox, you're probably no stranger to sharing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on a regular basis. And you probably do most of your work on these types of files while at your desk (which is where our new collaboration features can be really helpful!). But sometimes you need to edit or share something while on a smartphone or tablet, because it just can't wait until you get back to your desk. And thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, that workflow is easier than ever.

From the Dropbox mobile app

The new integration between Dropbox and Microsoft makes it much easier to edit Office files from the Dropbox mobile app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone device. To edit any document, spreadsheet, or presentation, just find it in your Dropbox app, hit the edit button, and it'll open right in Office where you can make changes. Then your updates will automatically sync back to Dropbox — so the latest version will be up to date on all your devices, as well as on the devices of anyone you're collaborating with.

From Office mobile apps

After you've connected your Dropbox account, you'll be able to access and edit all your Office documents stored in Dropbox. And when you create new files in an Office app, you can easily save them to Dropbox right from there. You can even share any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file via a Dropbox link — right from inside your Office app. By using Office together with Dropbox, you and your team will always have access to the latest versions of your files, no matter where you are. The integration between Microsoft Office and Dropbox is live and available to you on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. To learn more about how to start using these features, visit our Help Center.