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Collaboration in higher education: Advanced security for IT teams


Published on September 26, 2017

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are pillars of higher education. Instead of working in silos detached from other educational spaces, universities can leverage technology to break down barriers. This creates opportunities to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation in higher education and research. Today, we’ll show you how IT admins can leverage Dropbox Education to improve visibility, control, and security on their campuses.

Facilitating research and driving innovation

Dropbox Education elevates collaboration by addressing the unique needs of university IT teams, administrators, professors, and researchers.  By connecting universities across the globe, Dropbox Education helps facilitate cross-campus research and drive innovation. So how can IT admins use our platform to usher in collaboration while ensuring tight security and control?

Visibility, control, and advanced security

University IT teams have information security high on their list of priorities but need executive-level buy-in and approval to deploy secure networks, systems, and applications. As more virtual touch-points for files are added to university workflows, your data may be at risk. IT needs the control and visibility to manage data campus wide. With enhanced security and compliance capabilities, Dropbox Education helps IT manage users, monitor access, and keep data safe.

Securing data with multiple layers of protection

With a network of best-of-breed partners to help you secure your ecosystem, we can help you get the most out of Dropbox by providing access to solutions across data protection, identity management, and more. With your admin console, it’s easy to manage two-step verification.  And our platform allows customers to use our services in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA. Ready to learn more? Download our free eBook, Unlocking Collaboration in Higher Education.