Dropbox-integrated automation apps

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Automagic: 4 Dropbox-connected apps that do the work for you


Published on December 18, 2014

Chances are you have more than enough on your plate at work. From the big tasks to the small ones, anything that gives you just a little bit of your day back can be relief. That’s where these automation apps come in. They work with your Dropbox to take care of some of the repetitive tasks you have to do day in and day out, saving time — and your sanity.

IFTTT (iOS, Android, Web)

IFTTT (as in “If This Then That”) makes automating simple. Use IFTTT to automatically back up contacts from your phone to Dropbox, leave yourself a voice note when you call a phone number, or practically anything else you can dream up to make your workday a little easier. Just add Dropbox and another service to one of IFTTT's highly customizable “recipes,” and let the magic happen.

Zapier (Web)

If you rely on multiple apps throughout your day — and we’re guessing you do — Zapier can help them speak the same language. Set up a “zap,” and an event in one app (like a new file being added to a shared Dropbox folder), triggers an action in another (like getting a text alert on your phone). It’s an easy way to bring programming power to the non-technical among us.

CloudConvert (iOS, Web)

“I can’t open this file!” Sound familiar? CloudConvert takes away the pain of getting the right file format in people’s hands. Just pick one or more files from your Dropbox, select an output format, and CloudConvert will automatically save the new files right in your Dropbox. It’s simple, quick, and with support for over 200 different file formats, super-versatile.

Mover (Web)

Migrating data can be a chore, but Mover makes getting it over to Dropbox easy. Just connect your accounts to Mover, select the files and folders to transfer, and it’ll take care of everything, even scheduled transfers and incremental backups. No manual downloads or uploads needed. And if you’re a Dropbox for Business account admin, you can have Mover migrate your entire team to Dropbox in one fell swoop — via new team-level functionality available through our partner solutions. With these Dropbox-connected apps helping out with repetitive tasks, you’ll have even more time to do your best work. For more apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business, check out our apps page!