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Raise the bar for your customers


Published on January 09, 2018

To stay competitive, you need to provide your customers with memorable experiences. What was once considered “good enough” isn’t anymore.

According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say improving the customer experience is their top priority 1, and many are reworking their approach. But to land that sale with today’s customer, you have to focus on the customer, not the sale itself. What’s more, 75% of customers expect a consistent experience, whether they engage with a sales representative in person or via social media. As long as they have the right tools, sales teams can deliver.

To meet customers at any and every touch point, a sales team needs support. Reps alone can’t cover every base. That's why sales teams increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to answer emails, research prospects, and determine a client's needs. Over the next three years, you can expect the following increases in sales tech usage: 3

  • 139%: AI recommending products to customers based on their preferences
  • 122%: Deep learning to classify, predict, and react to purchase patterns
  • 118%: Predictive intelligence (e.g., lead scoring, forecasting, etc.)

Dropbox Business can help trim the fat from your average deal cycle by bringing you closer to your customers, thanks to:

  • Effective prospecting: Quickly find the information you need for a prospect’s request, and share the link with custom branding.
  • Easy pitching: Securely send pitch decks and marketing materials from a shared folder hub, where all your resources are kept.
  • Efficient closing: Readily use the DocuSign and Adobe Document Cloud integrations to push deals across the finish line.

The sales team at Scandinavian food manufacturer Orkla Foods needed better support as they moved from office-bound operations and paper-based workflows to mobile workflows with digitized processes. They found a solution in Dropbox Business.

“The Dropbox app is so easy to explain to people who are just becoming familiar with mobile device use at work,” said Jon-Erik Andersgaard, Sales Support Leader at Orkla Foods. “If you want employees to understand how to access and share files from a mobile device fast, Dropbox is the technology you want.” Use the right tech to present customers with the ideal experience.

To learn more, download our eBook, Sell smarter: Tips to streamline sales workflows and improve customer experience.

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