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Published on December 20, 2017

“We used to have so many steps for sharing and collaborating on files. Dropbox Business has eliminated those steps so our workflow is much more efficient.” —Paul Waters, Director of IT at BNIM
Today’s small businesses have to deal with a number of IT challenges, including:
  • Enabling teamwork across multiple departments
  • Securing an increasing number of mobile device
  • Protecting vital data that grows bigger and bigger
  • Working within tight budgets
A secure collaborative platform can help your IT team alleviate common pain points by being easy to deploy and effortless to scale, all while working everywhere for everyone. This allows your IT team to spend its time focused on tasks that matter—like researching new tech and updated regulations—rather than troubleshooting and the like. IT isn’t typically responsible for bringing in money. Instead, IT regularly evaluates new tech and determines how a solution like Dropbox Business could make the company more cost-efficient. Given the chance to provide the company with the tools it needs and deserves, IT saves money through:
  • Reduced technical problems
  • More efficient employees
  • Happier customers
  • Decreased downtime
For tips on combining the flexibility of a small business with the operations of an enterprise, download our interactive eBook, How Dropbox Business can save your business from legacy tech.