Integrated cloud security

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Webinar: Integrated cloud security


Published on July 20, 2015

The cloud services marketplace has exploded over the past few years, giving employees in businesses everywhere new ways to get work done. The Internet is full of cloud-based apps that let us run marketing campaigns, do bookkeeping, manage hiring, and much more. But while employees are finding faster, better ways to get their jobs done — and IT teams are enjoying the benefits of reducing stress on their infrastructure — there are some downsides to contend with. For example, when employees use apps run on vendors’ infrastructure instead of their own, IT admins have less visibility and control over the company data stored in that app, and a harder time helping in case of lost devices or lost passwords. The good news is that strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) practices can bridge the gap between IT and employees’ favorite cloud apps. In our upcoming webinar, Integrated cloud security, we’ll be joined by OneLogin and Bigos Management for a discussion about how IAM can help you ensure your employees can access cloud applications securely and conveniently. Join us on Thursday, July 23 at 10:00 am PT (1:00 pm ET): Register here.