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Keep your resolutions going strong: 3 productivity tips from the Dropbox team


Published on February 06, 2015

We’re one month into 2015, which is right around the time when new year’s resolutions start to falter. If one of your goals this year was to be more productive, here’s a shot in the arm to keep you going — three productivity tips you can use right now, brought to you by the Dropbox team.

1. Organize email attachments for faster reference Email attachments seem to have a mysterious way of disappearing when you need them most. Rather than spending time trying different search terms in your inbox to find that one attachment you’re looking for, make it a habit to move the files and photos you receive via email to your Dropbox. This is a go-to strategy for Dropboxer Ben Hummel, who says, “I frequently download email attachments so I can reference them later and clear them out of my inbox.”

2. Be productive (if you choose!) while traveling Sometimes a lack of Internet access can be a good thing when you’re traveling, forcing you to unplug and relax. But there are times when you need to access important files, and a weak Internet connection can be a real problem. That’s where marking files as favorites can save the day — if you do that before heading out (while you have Internet access), you can view them even if you lose your connection. This trick is a favorite (pun intended) of Dropboxer Sasha Sadrai, who said she first fell in love with Dropbox “years ago” when traveling internationally for work. “My boss and I would go to Chile, Argentina, and South Africa to meet with entrepreneurs,” she said. “Before leaving, we’d download each company’s business briefs into Dropbox and favorite them. It was so nice being able to read them on the plane and refer to them at a moment's notice on the ground, because Internet could be pretty spotty once we landed.”

3. Never lose a link If you’ve ever found yourself searching for the same websites over and over — looking for your gym’s class schedule, for example, or the name of that restaurant you wanted to visit — you’ve probably wished for a way to save website bookmarks across all your devices. Enter Dropbox. You can add your saved links to a document that you store in Dropbox, so you’ll always have them on hand. Dropboxer Jeremy Klitzman uses this strategy to bookmark items on his wishlist, for example. "I have a document titled ‘Wishlist’ where I save URLs of things I want to buy in the future,” he says. “That way I don't have to be tied to a bookmarks bar on one browser on one computer. I can just open up that document anywhere — even from my phone — click a link, and go to the website for that product.” Want to level up your productivity game even further? Check out The Productivity Pack, which brings together popular productivity tools like Dropbox Pro, Pocket, Evernote, and more.